Software robots

Process robotization
process automation sau RPA)
is the implementation of a technology
that allows employees of a company to
transform and configure software
programs or even a "robot" for
capturing and interpreting the
existing applications
with the goal of processing
a transaction, manipulate data
or trigger decisions and
communicate with other
digital systems. Any company
that uses large-scale
workforce where people
perform various repetitive
processing functions,
with high volume, will
increase its capacity and
will be able to save money
and time by integrating a
process automation software.
Just like industrial robots
have transformed
the manufacturing industry,
creating high
production and improving
the quality, RPA
"robots" can revolutionize
the way we think
and manage business processes,
IT support processes,
operational processes,remote
infrastructure and
back-office work. RPA
offers dramatic improvement in terms
of cycle accuracy and duration
and increase
productivity in transaction
processing, by
replacing human resource
in recurring and
repetitive tasks. RPA technology can be
applied in a wide range of industries,
especially in the primary ones, car
manufacturers, but also
in industries more sensitive
to change such as
the financial one.


Gabriela Conea