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Microsoft Teams usage course

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content and applications together in one place.Teachers can create collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and communicate with school staff - all from a single Office 365 experience for Education.

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Zoom platform usage course

The Zoom video conferencing platform is one of the most popular video meeting platforms among schools in Romania during this period. It allows you to create free online meetings (meetings) where you can invite up to 100 participants via a link. 

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Webex usage course

Cisco Systems supports the learning process and proactively provides free video, voice, and text collaboration solutions for educational institutions. Although there are limitations in the capabilities and performance of free variants compared to their commercial alternatives, applications can meet a wide range of needs in terms of remote communication and collaboration.
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Educational Project "Childhood colors" Iasi

Online exhibition "Today's child, tomorrow's creator"

    In a unique way, regardless of the era, economic or social crisis, children bring a touch of color, rhythm and smile in our lives.

    On June 1, primary school students participated in the traditional way in the Music Contest for choirs and vocal soloists "Childhood Rhythms" and the Art Education Contest "Childhood Colors".

   The Iași County School Inspectorate appreciates the involvement of the partner schools - Carol I Primary School and “Vasile Conta” Primary School - in the organization and realization of the two school competitions, the enthusiasm of the students, the support of the parents.

   This year we thank the Quartz Matrix team that helped us to organize online the drawing exhibition "Today's child, the creator of tomorrow" within the educational project "Colors of childhood" and to remember the successful editions of the music contest "Rhythms of childhood".

   We wish all children to grow up healthy, in harmonious agreements, coloring life with their smile. 

   Happy Birthday!

Anca Teutu

Audiobook - Ciocoii vechi si noi by N. Filimon

We offer you the audio version of the novel Cio**i vechi și noi (with the subtitle Ce naște din pisică șoareci mănâncă). It is a  Romanian novel ,written by Nicolae Filimon, being considered the most important work of the prose writer. The novel was first published in 1862 by Revista Română of Al. I. Odobescu, and in 1863 it appeared as a volume. It is considered the first notable novel in Romanian literature.

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Recorded Presentation - Cisco Webex

How we adapt and what tools Cisco technology gives us to change the education system

Open the course and you will be able to follow the registration of the webinar

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MozaBook usage course

In this course we will learn:

- How to access Mozaik Education resources
- What is the right licensing method
- What can we do with a trial account and what is the difference between MozaWeb and MoazaBook
- How to download and install Mozabook
- How we integrate interactive resources in our lessons

- How to use interactive homework options

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TEST Online Course


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Moodle platform usage course

Discover a series of free lessons, designed to help you in the development of the company or to start a career in a right way. You can learn by selecting one module or completing an entire course.

Anca Teutu

12th grade

The course is addressed to students in the 12th grade, theoretical field, real profile, Mathematics-Informatics specialization, intensive informatics.

Emilia-Felicia Cosnita

Software robots

Process robotization (english: Robotic process automation sau RPA) is the implementation of a technology that allows employees of a company to transform and configure software programs or even a "robot" for capturing and interpreting the existing applications with the goal of processing a transaction, manipulate data or trigger decisions and communicate with other digital systems. Any company that uses large-scale workforce where people perform various repetitive processing functions, with high volume, will increase its capacity and will be able to save money and time by integrating a process automation software. Just like industrial robots have transformed the manufacturing industry, creating high production and improving the quality, RPA "robots" can revolutionize the way we think and manage business processes, IT support processes, operational processes, remote infrastructure and back-office work. RPA offers dramatic improvements in terms of cycle accuracy and duration and increase productivity in transaction processing, by replacing human resource in recurring and repetitive tasks. RPA technology can be applied in a wide range of industries, especially in the primary ones, car manufacturers, but also in industries more sensitive to change such as the financial one.


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